My Story-My Past

Hi My name is

Growing up i enjoyed all sports especially football, left school got a great job in Information Technology with a local company, met a lovely girl who i eventually married called and life was chugging along sweetly.


My world came crashing down , it was very very serious.

Now here we are 6 years later sitting on a beach in South East Spain, running a successful lead generation business and mentoring others to achieve their own success, laughing with good company drinking Sangria. How did i get here…

Well after my major trauma in 2009 but my life had changed i wasn’t the same person i was before, the life changing experience i had been through had changed my life.

After speaking with a friend who was running Pay Per Click ( PPC ) campaigns i asked him to mentor me , we met weekly until i got the hang of it and was also holding down a demanding job but there was no going back, i was changing my life.

After 9 months i decided to take the plunge to work on my business full time in 2010, the day i gave my notice in was the 1st day of the rest of my life, it was EXCITING – EXHILERATING BUT SCARY.

Onwards and Upwards

I went from strength to strength, i read , read, and reread everything about PPC , Lead Generation and Affiliate marketing. At times things were tough but nothing great is easy , my mantra was ;

” Be Comfortable with The Uncomfortable ” —– IT WORKS

Where am i now.

I own an apartment in SE Spain.

I run my own business and have the freedom to travel and work anywhere in the world.***

I choose when , what time and where to work, no one tells me.***

I love life and appreciate the time with my family and Angel our dog.

I mentor anybody who wants to change their life and make their dreams come true.

My Mentoring Program.

I help people understand and build Pay Per Click campaigns to run on Google Adwords & Microsoft Bing.

All mentoring is free, its just your time and a budget when you start a PPC campaign that costs, nothing else.

If you wish to join us, change your life and make your dreams come true with financial freedom then register your interest and i will get straight back to you.***


***Disclaimer: This is based on individual experience and is not guaranteed. Your own earnings may not reflect this figure. True as at March 2019.